This is based on the paper from Allen, Dechow, Pope, and Wu (2017). I have emailed Dr. Wu to obtain permission to publish this data on my website. I encourage everyone to read their paper, link.

This script parses through 5.4 million points of the dataset (only takes points with age, year, race, chiptime, and gender). It takes a couple seconds for the script to run and plot the data. If you do not include limits in a field then that field will be ignored when parsing the data.

For example to find marathon finish times from every year of The Boston Marathon leave every field blank except for Boston Marathon selected in the drop down menu. If you input a calculation and nothing is loaded you probably have both genders unchecked.




Year(s) (data from 1995-2013):


Marathon(s) (for choosing more than one, comma separated list, must match exactly):